Our rubber rollers are compatible with high-speed, high-precision OA equipment.


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Product Information

Relationship between the Grinding Wheel & Center Jig

Grinding Wheel

We have about 1,000 grinding wheels in stock and over 120 different types of wheels made from different materials for rubber of different hardness, allowing customers to select to best possible product.
Based on our know-how from making products exclusively for rubber, we have developed unique grinding wheels in collaboration with grinding wheel manufacturers that can be used for various types of rubber roller grinding.
Customers can select the optimal grinder for various types of OA equipment rollers such as for developing, charging, copying, toner feeding, cleaning, conveyer belts, feeders, conveyers, fusers, and pressure. We can also deliver custom-made grinding wheels. We always have at least 40 types of products for center jigs, which means we can deliver products quickly.

In addition, we are able to design and manufacture customized jigs for special centers according to the type of work being done.

Relationship between the Grinding Wheel & Center Jig

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