We at Minakuchi Machinery Works (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) shall show awareness of the importance to respect the personal information of our customers (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information”), and shall handle personal information according to the following policies.

■Acquisition of Personal Information
When collecting personal information through our company’s website, information shall be submitted (registered) based on the will of the customer.

■Purpose for Using Personal Information
The Company shall only use personal information for the scope of the purpose clearly specified to the customer.

■Management and Protection of Personal Information
The Company shall be responsible for strictly managing all personal information, and shall make an effort to avoid any external leakage (such as unauthorized access, loss or destruction of information, and falsification)
However, if approval is acquired from a customer, if disclosure is required by law, or if disclosure is requested by a public agency such as a court or police department, the Company may disclose or submit personal information without the customer’s agreement.

■Compliance with Relevant Laws
The Company shall comply with all laws and other regulations that apply to the handling of personal information.

The rights of all sentences, photos, illustrations, logos, and other data included on this website shall be reserved by the Company.

The usage of this website shall be the responsibility of the customer. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss caused by the usage of other websites linked to this website.